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How to Start Your Business with $100

“I started my business with $15 and a toothpick, so anyone can do it. Just kidding about the toothpick, but the $15 part is true and $100 would have been a dream. Ja-Naé shows you everything you need to know.”
— Jordan McAuley, CEO, Contact Any Celebrity

“Ja-Naé has all the qualities I admire in an entrepreneur–she is smart, unafraid of anything, and most of all, she understands how to create something from nothing– which, in this environment, is critical for young entrepreneurs everywhere. This is a must-read for people–especially women–starting their own business. And as a side note, from one opera-singing CEO to another, you go, girl!”
— Genevieve Thiers, Founder and CEO,

“If you are looking to start a business on a shoestring, then ‘How to Start Your Business with $100’ is an excellent resource because it is so comprehensive – most books only cover one aspect of business, but this book covers everything from your name and logo, to accounting and banking, to marketing and lead generation, to partnering and bartering. Spend part of your $100 on this book!”
— Mike Volpe, Marketing Director,

“Inspiring and full of practical advice, this book can help aspiring entrepreneurs to make the final leap. From Ja-Naé’s personal experiences to ideas, advice and scores of online resources, this book will energize and nourish you in this arduous but exciting and liberating journey to live the life of your passion and success.”
— Dmitry Buterin, Chief Apricot at, serial entrepreneur and geek

“Chock full of concrete, actionable tips for getting a business off the ground on a shoestring. Ja-Naé’s story should be an inspiration for anyone with big dreams, but little money. She has proven that you can launch a real enterprise with little more than vision and a dedication to reaching your goals.”
— Andrew Field, CEO,

“Sentence after sentence, ‘How to Start Your Business with $100’ is loaded with precious wisdom and tips for every entrepreneur, old or new. Business information indeed, but more importantly, Ja-Naé is a source of wisdom, spirit and inspiration proving that you can do anything – even without lots of money or experience. You’ll want to – and be able to – take on the world after reading the book!”
— Alyssa Dver
Author of, “No Time Marketing”
CEO, Mint Green Marketing
BusinessWeek Female Entrepreneurs to Watch 2007

“Whether you are contemplating a new start-up or currently involved in a entrepreneurial venture, Ja-Nae Duane’s “How to Start Your Business for $100”, should be in your hand, at all times! This book is every bit reflective of the essence of it’s author; spirited, imaginative, up-to date and most importantly honest. Ja-Nae is enthusiastic in sharing her expertise and the information in this read is documented, concise and interactive. Our company launched in September of 2009, sadly before the publication of Ja-Nae’s book, and we could have saved ourselves time and money if we had this manual. Tips on branding, advertising, networking and numerous web site listings that are essential for your success are found in the and are invaluable. I use it as my “go to” resource book and I’m saving time that I wasting in the past on building the future and direction of our business. I’m inspired by Ja-Nae’s passion for helping others to succeed and I hope to use the tips and resources in her book to do the same for our company.”
— Lois Ardito, Co-Founder, Avenue 3 Real Estate, LLC

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