How Do You Define Creativity?

Simply, creativity is being able to recognize ideas, thoughts, or patterns that can help us solve problems, communicate with others, and entertain. Some people think of it as something that only artists, musicians, or writers possess, but everyone has some modicum of creativity in their veins. Steve Jobs creatively revolutionized the world of personal computing with the Macintosh, then revolutionized how we listen to music (iPod), use smartphones (iPhone), and compute on the go (iPad). Creative people approach old situations with new solutions.

Benefits of Creativity

Creativity can change the world. The most influential people creatively approach situations: they find ways to tell stories that haven’t been heard, leading to awareness of situations and causes. They develop the messages that are heard by influencers and revolutionaries. Steve Jobs turned the computing world on its head with creativity – a revolution against the computer-as-tool architecture, turning it into a toy as well.

How Do You Harness Your Creativity?

Everyone can harness their natural creativity to affect change in the world. Start with a brainstorm. To do this, grab a piece of paper and pen and write at the top of the paper what you want to change. For example, if you want to help the homeless in your town, write that at the top. Then, start writing down ideas as they come. The ideas may seem silly, but keep writing until you fill the page. Your ideas may range from the outlandish to the practical, and from that list, you can pick the top two or three.

From there, use your creativity to implement the ideas. If one of your favorites was to set up a tent city in the town common to raise awareness, think creatively about your approach. Do you enlist a local college or university club to help? How do you get the word out? Do you need a permit from the town? Approach problems from all angles, and your creativity can help you solve them.

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Photo created by Smemon.