coffee drinks janae ja-nae the freelancerMy name is Ja-Naé and I drink coffee. A lot of it. There is something about the smell of a fresh brewed cup; the warm liquid sliding down my throat; and the invincible feeling that I could conquer anything after having my first cup in the morning. Are you with me?

On my birthday a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do a coffee tasting hosted by Starbucks of their newest Reserve coffees. To discover notes like I would in a wine; to identify subtle differences between the smell of my cup of Sumatra Tapanuli and how it mixes with my taste buds; it was indeed an adventure. I am so grateful to Shashi Bellamkonda, Katie Kotchka, and Starbucks for this fantastic great gift (click here to read the Capital Cooking review by Eric Wilkens).

After the tasting, I became curious about my beloved cup O’Joe. Just how good is coffee for you? Should I really be drinking 3-4 cups a day (yes, it’s true)?

I drink coffee janae

photo credit: Eric Wilkens

The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons to drink coffee on a daily basis:

Health Benefits:  Web MD states that a growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are:

  • less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia
  • have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes
  • Brain Food: Coffee can make you smarter, though for only a short period of time. When you drink caffeine, dopamine is released into your body. Dopamine is known to stimulate the gray matter within your brain. So, though the effects are not long lasting, you will be sharper and smarter for at least hour. By then, it’s time for another cup anyway. 🙂

    Optimism: Dopamine also affects your mood. By drinking a cup of coffee you end up increasing your positive outlook on life. According to Dr. Judith Orloff, if you suffer from mild depression then drinking 3 cups a coffee a day will help tremendously.

    Are you a coffee drinker? How much do you drink on a daily basis? How does it affect your day? We would love to hear from you!

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    1. Ashley Lojko

      So does this pertain to really any drink that has caffeine? It sounds like that is the element that releases the dopamine. If so, then I guess drinking a few diet cokes every day is okay 😉

    2. Ari Herzog

      Not me. I used to be addicted to the stuff but been clean since 2004. If I have a hankering for caffeine, there’s always tea (I love chai) and chocolate.


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