Each of these businesses represent a different aspect of the age we live in, but they all share something in common. It’s about you, the individual, finding ways to make money that have nothing to do with the traditional 9-to-5 routine. Along the way, you’ll discover that this path helps you share your life and your experience with others in a profound way. The way we work is changing, and we have every reason to pursue a path that fulfills us both personally and professionally.

What we think it means to be an entrepreneur is changing. We still have the traditional concept of someone who sets out to start an independent business. But the definition is growing to include a wide number of options that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

I know for some people, this concept feels really scary. They don’t want to think about building a portfolio career. The idea that they may have a dozen different jobs and (gasp) start a business or two seems really overwhelming.

I get it, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to write The Startup Equation.

I want people, particularly would-be entrepreneurs, to have the knowledge so these changes don’t feel so scary. I want people to understand that being an entrepreneur can come in many shapes and sizes. And most importantly, I want people to understand the power and potential they have at their fingertips.

You may not understand completely what’s coming, and that’s OK. My job, with support from The Startup Equation, is to help you get your arms around the idea and feel more confident about what comes next.

You can become an entrepreneur, and a successful one at that. If you learn nothing else from The Startup Equation I hope it’s that you should believe in yourself and your dreams. As I mentioned last week, we’re prepared to help you get started on your startup journey.

Anyone who pre-orders the book receives access to our exclusive Startup Launch Kit. Over 12 weeks, you’ll receive weekly resources via email to help you build a business that fits you. Pre-order today and send us your info here. As soon we get confirmation, you’ll receive your first email and tool.

As you start this journey, we want to hear from you. Share your questions, insights,and frustrations with the tag #startupequation. We’ll be looking for you and can’t wait to see your dreams become reality.

This post originally appeared at StartupEquation.com on December 8, 2015.

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