Entrepreneurship can be taught.

But how prepared are we to teach it?

As a student and an educator, I know that teaching entrepreneurship doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In fact, I know many educators who would love to bring entrepreneurship into the classroom, but they aren’t sure where to start.

I want to solve that problem through The Startup Equation. Instead of asking teachers to figure out where to start, I’ve built an agile framework for the classroom that can work with students individually and in groups.

Set up as a plug-and-play system, these modules will help educators present a holistic approach to learning about entrepreneurship. From a term-long track to a capstone project, you can adapt The Startup Equation curriculum to help your students pursue their business dreams.

I built the modules with an emphasis on competency. Students will succeed on their entrepreneurial journey if they show curiosity, a desire to tinker, and the perseverance to get through each challenge as it comes.

Over the last few years, I’ve tested this system multiple times in incubators, accelerators, and in my classrooms at Emerson and Clark University. Other educators have given it a try in their classrooms. I know it works, and I know it can work in your classroom, too, either as a stand-alone system or as an add-on to your existing instruction.

This curriculum, along with bi-monthly education updates, are available to anyone who orders a copy of The Startup Equation.

With each module, you’ll find another way to help your students better understand the opportunities available to them. And along the way, you may even discover some opportunities for yourself. After all, it was a teacher who created the popular DonorsChoose.org just for educators.

I’m so excited by the possibilities of helping the next generation discover what being an entrepreneur will look like. I hope you’ll let me help you with this process. To grab this curriculum for your classroom, just click here and enter your email. You’ll receive your first module via email immediately.

I also hope you’ll share what’s happening in your classroom. Post your updates with the tag #startupequation and we’ll share your successes with the larger Startup Equation community. Ready to get started?

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A version of this post originally appeared at StartupEquation.com on January 12, 2016.

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