London. What a great town. Steve and I both spoke at the Social Media Strategies Summit out there in the beginning of November, and though this post is a little late, I really wanted to share some of the highlights.

Where to Stay in London


Someone’s sleepy. 😉

Though most of our nights were taken care of, there were one or two where we were on our own. We used Air B n B and stayed Naz. Naz was great and his little garden house was exactly what we needed for two nights. To check out his place, click here.

Where to Travel

I never really do the touristy thing. I like to live amongst the locals and find the best kept secrets. However, there are times when you need to see a little more of the countryside. So, Steve and I decided to venture off and explore.


I had never seen Stonehenge before and have been fascinated by it as a child. However, on this cold, dreary morning where the wind whips through you as fast as a high-speed train, I didn’t hang around for very long. It was still great to see the original LEGO set.



Bath completely and utterly took me by surprise. None of my English friends have ever mentioned the beauty of Bath to me. I was speechless at finding this little gem and wished I could transplant it back in the US.

NOTE: When eating in Bath, do not bother with any of the restaurants. If you are there for the day, then grab a little pastry full of meat and just bop around. Honestly, who doesn’t love pastry full of meat?

I love this city!

The river was gorgeous. I wish that I could transport Bath to New England.

Though it was chilly the day we were there, we could not stay away from the side of the river and its inhabitants.


The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, commonly known as Bath Abbey.

Stratford on Avon
You cannot head to the UK without ever going to the home of Shakespeare. Stratford on Avon is a quaint little town that is extremely quiet in November. The town was lit up for the holidays, and the Shakespeare House was happy to have some visitors on the off season.

It was a cute house with a fantastic garden.

I spent most of my time in Shakespeare’s garden. The flowers were still beautiful, despite the chill in the air and I could see why many of the garden’s residents made their way into his work.

Just one of the beautiful flowers found in the garden.

Since we decided to start at 6 am on Sunday (after 6 hours after we got in), our discoveries were interrupted with small fits of exhaustion and the occasional snoring. However, neither got in the way of having a great day.

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