the traveler travel channel ja-nae janaeIn many countries, if you are looking to buy something then you are expected to haggle. It is a part of the culture. It is much easier than you may think to get a deal and According to America’s Research Group, consumers who haggle are successful 80 percent of the time, and not just while traveling. So, are you ready to start haggling? Here are 9 Ways to Haggle Like a Pro:

1. Do Research: If you are buying something off of a vendor cart, more often than not there will be one or more cart that has the same item. Shop around and see who has the best price before you start to negotiate.

2. Be Nice: Shop owners remember who’s friendly to the staff and are more willing to haggle with someone who has been pleasant than someone who has been rude. Remember, a smile goes a long way.

3. Know the Inventory: By observing the inventory in a market or store, as well as what people are drawn to, you can easily see what sells and what doesn’t sell as well.  The biggest deal will come from the items that don’t fly off the shelf or are not well placed for the other customers to see. Keep your eyes open for those rare finds that you can haggle the most for.

4. Dress Well: Perception is a key factor and clothes can say a lot about a person. If a vendor or a shop owner thinks that you have money to spend, they are more likely to haggle with you on items because they think you will buy more. So, dress to impress.

5. Leave Your Ego At the Door: Negotiations are about the other person and getting them to give you what you want. Leave your ego out of the situation. Approach the vendor like a friend and make the sale about them. They are more likely to give you a better deal and feel good about the transaction than if you emphasized your needs and asked for a lower price.

6.  Key Phrases: When negotiating anything, there are key phrases that always work in your favor. They are:

  • “That looks interesting.” By using this adjective, you are indicating that you are interested in the item. However, it does not give the vendor enough information as to whether or not you will actually buy it. This slight attachment will be a signal to the vendor to try and get you to buy it. That is when you start to haggle on price.
  • “Thanks for helping me. I’m sorry we couldn’t get on the same page.” Former hostage negotiator and author of You Can Negotiate Anything, Herb Cohen suggests calling attention to the good-humored time spent together while haggling might soften up the vendor and result in a price reduction.  As a traveler, you have more time on your hands. So spend the time getting to know the vendor and building a relationship. Cohen adds, the more energy spent in pursuit of something, the harder it is to give it up.

7. The Strong Silent Type: One of the most powerful tools in negotiating is to not say anything at all. Make an offer and then be silent. The first person to speak after that loses. The person you’re negotiating with will often make a concession just to end the uncomfortable silence. So, sit back and let them do all the work.

8. Ask Questions: Information is knowledge.  If someone asks, “How much do you want to pay for this?” respond with, “How much do you think it’s worth?” This verbal back and forth forces the seller to define their terms and it gives you in a more educated bargaining position to work from.

9. Let Go: To haggle like a pro, you have to be willing to walk away. When you walk away, that doesn’t mean that the negotiations are over. On the contrary. 8 out of 10 times, the seller will stop you in order to try another tactic. But even if they don’t, do not turn around. Know your final offer and stick to it.

When you travel, do you haggle? What are some of the tactics you use to get the deal you’re looking for? Share with us your tips. We would love to hear from you!

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