As we have all learned, time management is the backbone of productivity for entrepreneurs starting a small business from home or starting an online business.  For me, time management is critical when I have a ton on my plate (which is always. I am not one to relax). When you have two operas to compose, 3 books to write, 7 performances to create, and a tour to organize, like I do, being specific about where you spend your time is key.the freelancer time management for leaders

In the past, I have shared time management tips that you can apply in just 15 minutes.   You may also want to check out my post on time management tools for leaders.  But small business entrepreneurs must constantly be vigilant observers of how they spend and manage their time.  So here are a few more time management tools for the home based business entrepreneur.

  • Reduce Negative Relationships – It’s sad to say, but sometimes there are people in our lives who consume value from others and only offer negativity in return.  Negativity can occupy your mind and make you dwell on emotions, thus robbing you of mental energy that could be better spend on being productive.
  • Look at the Big Picture – When you have a traditional, corporate job, deadlines are created by your responsibilities and obligations to your bosses, partners, and associates.  But when you are an entrepreneur with your own home business, the only deadline is death.  Hopefully, that is a long ways off; but that just makes it harder to discipline yourself to look at the big picture of your life and how you spend your time.  People experience mid-life crisis because they begin to regret how they spent their time during their youth and attempt to recapture it.  Avoid this by often taking a step back and thinking about how you will look at your current life years from now.
  • Redefine “Wasting” Time – Sometimes small business entrepreneurs get fanatical about not wasting their time.  They consider participating in activities they enjoy – like watching television, visiting friends, or going to the movies – to be wastes of time.  This can be unhealthy.  Time should only be considered “wasted” if it is spent doing something you do not need to or even want to do.  As long as you are making a clear choice about how you are spending your time, then it isn’t a waste.  Choosing to do something you enjoy is actually a productive use of your time and allows you to be more efficient at the things you need to do.

What are some other time management realizations you’ve had while running your own business?  What advice can you share with other entrepreneurs? We would love to hear from you!

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