Things don’t always go as planned.  On Friday, the Revolution Road trip embarked on our month long journey to promote social good and inspire change.  However, before we actually got on the road, anything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Half of my team had personal tribulations that forced them to stay home, there were last minute venue changes, and then I found out that our van was having engine issues.  What’s a control freak to do but let go?leadership flexible our revolution

Both personally and professionally, life keeps showing me that I need to learn to be flexible – to let go and trust.  I just have to take what life throws at me and say, “Ok, what can I make with this pile of Legos?”

The poet Robert Brown once wrote, “The best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew.”  The trick is to remain flexible enough so that you can adapt to sudden and drastic changes in your plans. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Accept what you cannot change.  Sometimes the milk spills, and there is no use crying over it.  You need to relax and accept the inevitability that things almost never quite work out the way you had planned.
  • Consider Your Options.  It’s good to always have a backup plan, but you can’t plan for every disaster (because disasters are, by nature, unexpected).  But you can take a deep breath, a step back, and calmly consider all the available options and possibilities that can get you out of the jam.  You may even find a solution that was better than the original plan.
  • Roll with it. If everything in life always worked out like we planned, then where is the excitement?  The unexpected is what makes life an adventure and gives you a great story to tell.  Don’t beat yourself up when things go awry, just laugh about it and learn from it.

So how did things work out for the Revolution Roadtrip?

  • Green Vans found us another van for us.  Though it is not green, it shows the dedication of this sponsor to the trip and to customer service (two more reasons why I love them).
  • The team on the road with me is dedicated to the cause and making the trip a success while our virtual brigade has been fantastic and supportive.
  • Our city ambassadors have been working their butts off and the first events are a testament to their incredible efforts.

Have you ever had something perfectly planned out only for every little thing to go wrong?  How did you respond to the crisis?  What was your secret to flexibility?

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