We all change. It is reason number 4,967 of why being human is awesome. However, as we change, do we allow ourselves to give up old habits? When that success strategy is no longer a “success strategy” what do you do? I have a dear friend dealing with that as we speak. Check out my recap of our poignant conversation on the topic.

giving up power

I used to be an extremely angry person. I felt that it was me against the world and I had to keep going and prove myself (to whom, I am still not sure). What I found within my twenties is that angry wasn’t really a success strategy. It was holding me back from doing great things and helping others find their way.

I now try to live my life with this in mind:

giving up-full heart

How do you live your life? Have you had to change how you walk through life? Is what motivates you now always been the case? We would love to hear your stories.

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