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It’s pretty easy to be nice, isn’t it? There are those simple moments when you do something small and think nothing of it until you realize you unexpectedly made someone’s day. Then not only do they feel good, but you did as well. Also, what about those moments when you are walking down the street and catch a glimpse of a person doing something for their community? Maybe they are picking up a piece of trash, helping someone push their car out of a snow bank, or even a little boy helping an elderly woman cross the street. Though you may have had nothing to do with it, I will bet you still felt good witnessing it. Sounds Cliché right? But it is those small moments of love that have a lasting effect. Love for ourselves. Love for our community. Love for one another. So, how do we create more love?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2014, I want you to #CreateLove. Take photos of people spreading love and appreciate for one another and their communities. Post those photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag: #CreateLove. My team at the Revolution Institute and I will then take your photos and highlight our favorite ones. If you need inspiration, here are 20 different ideas for you to use. Also remember…..

  • Share as many photos as you would like
  • Tell your friends
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world and share the love

Love you guys!


The Sun Queen


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