Louisa-May-Alcott-HouseOn Sunday, I came out to see Steve run his first 10K. He decided to do the Louisa May Alcott race, since it was right where we live: Concord, MA. It was a beautiful day for a run and I was really excited for him.

Here is his account of the race:

They say we are always stronger when we have someone to stand by us or have our back. Great partnerships, whether it be in business or in life can transform and redefine us in ways we never thought possible. In some cases, great partnerships have transformed the world and changed the course of history. Whether it is in business, sports, government or the arts, the power of a great partnership usually has an exponentially better outcome. So what makes a great partner?

A great partnership is when…

• Two people balance each other, when they constantly remind each other of the need to keep the conscious and unconscious in harmony. The result is that it makes each other smarter, better.
• They support us and have complete trust, complete faith, and complete belief in one another.
• They understand that if  you want to have a good partner, the way to do it is be a good partner.
• They innately know that trust, teamwork, a regard for someone else, and continuing checks and balances are the key factors to a successful ongoing partnership.

Despite all the evidence for finding a great partner, for most of my adult life I was determined to “do it on my own” believing that I didn’t need someone to complete me. I always thought that when it came down to it the only one I could depend on is myself. This selfish and narrow-minded attitude kept me; you guessed it, alone for a very long time. Sure, I had friends and dated occasionally but I felt so alone all the time. I had a deep down desire to share the things in my life with someone special and for them to do the same with me. About 18 months ago, I met that special partner and it changed my life for all for the better. Her name, Ja-Nae Duane.

Below is a photo that Ja-Nae took of me this past weekend when I finished my first 10K race. I ran sporadically in high school but really took it up about two years ago to lose weight. I ran an 8K last year right right at the time when we met, but lived in different cities so this was my first race with her cheering me on.


That morning she was scheduled to sing in church and the race was starting later in the morning so it wasn’t likely that she would be there to see me off. To my happy surprise she got there right as the starter fired the gun and she cheered me on and told me she loved me. What a great way to start a race.

But that is not the most important part of the story.

As I ran the first mile, shin splints were kicking in and making this a painful start. I was slow but my goal was to finish and that was all. As I made it through mile three (a 10K is 6.2 miles), I was feeling tired and kind of just wanted to walk it the rest of the way. As I turned the corner to come up the hill I saw her. Ja-Nae was standing there in her grey slacks, a purple blouse and barefoot running shoes. She was going to run the rest of the race with me! I cannot even describe how good it felt to run with someone by my side and to finish this race together. We crossed the finish line together and while I was dead last I didn’t care. This is what true partnership is. Someone who is with me all the way. The best part of the race is that I had my partner with me and that is what matters most.

So who in your life is a great partner? What do you think it takes to be a great partner?

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Image Credit: Wickedlocal.com and Ja-Nae Duane

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