It has been a year of change. But not just commonplace changes in ones life. An actual paradigm shift. You feel it, don’t you? We are all feeling it; the ground unsteady beneath our feet, as if walking on the wobbly planks of an old house. Unsure of where to step or which direction to take.

When life gets to be too heavy, I let it go. When the structure that has held me up time after time begins to falter,  I believe in treading lightly and like the willow tree, to bend. So that I too, do not break.

Though scary, what if these shifts were a good thing? Small reminders to find the road that you really want to travel down and decide who you really want your companions to be.

Many live day-to-day, waiting for the weekend, or a break, or a change. But what if those signs of change are ever present and surrounding you; flashing their neon sign, just waiting for YOU to shift?

You can go on and be OK with these creaky planks you walk on or you can bend; and become the solid path in which future generations can walk and follow.

I encourage you to shift and bend with me.


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Photo Credit: Hanan Kazma

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