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Adventure, baby! Bring it on! As many of you know, our last tour was life altering for me. It resulted in:

1. Meeting some amazing people who have become great friends.

2. The creation of the Our Revolution, a social good community. Which I am happy to say is a few thousand strong, as well as the How to Create a Revolution book (a guide to creating social change).

3. A chance meeting with a guy who reviewed my first book, How to Start Your Business with $100, that ended in a marriage proposal. Yeah, this awesome:

Ja-nae Duane

Steve and me.

And trust me, I could not have done that past tour without you guys. You are my backbone and the reason why I do these things. You show me that it is needed (and wanted). I cannot tell you what that means to me. 🙂

So, I am excited to announce that we headed on the road again and embarking on The Agents of Change Tour!

About the Tour

Mission: To restore creativity to the soul of the world!

The Agents of Change tour is a year-long tour exploring the impact of creativity and collaboration on local communities, artists, and entrepreneurs. The tour nurtures collaboration using communal and artistic events, shared resources, cultural exchanges, and ideas to cultivate opportunities for these communities.

Who is Right to be a Part of the Tour?

  • Entrepreneurs/Startups
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Artists
  • Any member of The Creative Class
  • Local Govenment
  • Game Changers within Your Community
  • and…..


What Types of Events?

Though we are customizing every event in every city that we end up in, here are a list of some of the popular ones:

  • The Revolution Summit: A gamified approach to changing your city. All participates will WIN prizes.
  • Creative Roundtables: A dinner of local artists, entrepreneurs, local officials, and game changers. The topic of discussion will be growing the creative economy in your town. This communal dinner will include performance pieces and immersive art throughout the evening.
  • Artist Salons: Featuring local artists and yours truly.
  • Cabarets: Featuring local artists and yours truly.
  • Creative Spark Dinner: A casual community dinner that funds micro-grants for local creative projects.

Tour Schedule

We are still working out the spring schedule. However, I can tell you that these are some of the cities we are working on:

  • Boston (Hometown Love!)
  • NYC
  • Philly
  • Pittsburgh
  • Columbus, OH
  • Montreal
  • London
  • Detroit
  • Austin
  • And many more!

Results of the Tour

Though I love the road, there are tangible results that I wish to accomplish with this project. They include:

  • Showcasing the people who are changing these cities and the world
  • Creating a cultural exchange before the cities
  • Creating an album with our tour partner, Hold On Another Day, that features some of the artists from these cities.
  • Curate and share projects and models that are working for other cities and their people
  • Write my next two books, featuring some of the people I met
  • Showcasing local artists and entrepreneurs through an artbook

Why am I doing this Tour?

We are all citizens of the world and there are many of us out there, breathing life into the future. Whether it is through innovation or artisitc expression, these people are greating impactful change and they deserve to be highlighted and given a larger platform to do their awesome work. I’m here to help shred light on that work.

Want to be Showcased? Here’s How to be in My Next Book.

As we continue to talk to partners and set up events, we would love to set up more. So, help bring us to your city! Are you or someone you know an agent of change? Help bring me to your city and set up an event. In exchange for your help, I will showcase you either one of the books that will be written from this tour or interview you for the Agents of Change Podcast. If interested, feel free to contact me here. Also, here was my original collaborator deck:


Are you an organization that wants to partner or sponsor this tour? We would love to have you. If interested, feel free to contact me here.

Thank you all for your support around these tours. They are because of you that I do them!


Ja-Nae Duane

I figured I would give you my best Indiana Jones. 🙂


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