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Seeing is Believing. Or Is it?

to see is to believe

We believe what we see, correct? But what if we cannot see it? Does that mean that it doesn’t exist? A snail has an extremely slow nervous system. So, when a human quickly walks by then that snail does not have time to process the human, thus making it invisible to the snail. Here is another example from when Christopher Columbus landed: Waves were crashing against a shore. A local shaman went to the water’s edge day after day and could see ripples in the water made by the ships but not the ships themselves. He was troubled by this and after days of staring, finally saw the ships (maybe because it was the morning they arrived). Of course, no one else in the tribe could “see” the ships until he did. We can only see what we have been conditioned to believe. Our senses are created and conditioned from the brain, thus coming to every situation with a bias. So, just because you cannot see, taste, smell, hear or touch something does not mean that it does not exist. And let’s be honest. Unless you knew what you are looking for, how would you know when you have found it? How many times […]

Redesign the Old

While grabbing some lunch yesterday, I came across this old espresso at the Nashoba Brook Bakery. It looked ancient and beautiful. The machine was commandeering a corner by the front door; a representation of what was then. “They don’t make them like they used to,” an older gentleman said while approaching from behind me. This struck me as curious, so I asked, “What do you mean? Are you saying that this thing made better espresso than today’s machines?” “Yup. The machine in my restaurant works nothing like this one. The new ones don’t have enough power. Too bad these old ones are too big and bulky. Good luck trying to get this in the front door. You would need 3 guys to just pick it up.” As the guy headed down the ramp towards the cash register, I became to wonder why I was so quick to judge this old machine. Though we have thousands of objects and devices that we use every day, are they really any better than their predecessors? Change of Perspective Redesign something you come in contact with every day. It could be your phone, a stop light, or your local grocery store. Ask yourself: How can  it […]

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