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We each need to decide what actually makes us happy and then find ways to fill our lives with it, as if the need was so great that it pulsed through our veins. I’m not sure what makes you happy, but creating and helping others to create something great drives me to get out of bed on the those when its a struggle. There are so many people trying to change the world and their voices deserve a little megaphone to help spread their good news. And I am happy to hold it up for them.

That’s a large part of what this Agents of Change roadtrip is about. But it’s more than that. I find when I head on the road, I am more alive, more vulnerable, more open to the magic that life has to bring. Here is a little video about why this tour is so important to me.

 Amazing things happen when I allow myself to dance on the edge during these roadtrips:

  • I meet amazing people who end up being a part of my inner circle
  • I find strength and courage within myself during times when I thought I had nothing left.
  • I meet people like my future husband.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
-Dalai Lama

Why am I so excited about this roadtrip?

This roadtrip is personal to me for a few reasons:

  1. I’m writing a memoir: But this isn’t just any memoir. It’s about what it is like to create your happiness; to live within the dusk of life and truly find who you are. It’s my first memoir and my first foray into writing something that is more personal. So, it scares the hell out of me. Interested in getting a sneak peak of it before anyone else? Here’s how.
  2. I’m creating an artbook.Yes, an artbook jammed packed with photos, poems, drawings, and other pieces created and inspired by the people met on the tour. As an artist, there is a way that I can truly pay homage to those I meet and how share themselves with me. A small exchange for the time, energy, and love that occurs when someone takes the time to sit and connect with you. Interested in having a customized story or poem written for you? This link is for you.
  3. I’m performing during this tour. I spent most of my 20’s performing around the world as an opera singer. But it became a struggle to make my art. So, I let go and dedicated my time to helping women entrepreneurs. That’s when I launched Wild Women Entrepreneurs with $100. But over the years, I have longed to go back to performing. And that is exactly what I am doing on this tour. Here is a video from the launch party in Boston taken by my friend, Bob Collins:


Different cities have found various models that work in making their city thrive. I am in search of those models, for you. So, you can use these models in your home town. I am also looking to highlight the people who are doing creative, innovative things. And that could be YOU.

Why should you help?

  • You want to find a way to build up your city and make it thrive.
  • You want to be in one of my upcoming books
  • You believe that this crazy girl, Ja-Nae, is trying to change the world and you want to come on this epic adventure with her. 🙂
Willing to help out? Consider backing the tour by clicking here.

Have you seen our crowdfunding video? The crew did an awesome job and I am so proud of them. check it out.

agents of change video


No matter what, I hope you find a way to get out of your comfort zone and dance on the edge. I’m always looking for dance partners. 🙂




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