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“I wish you were never born.” How many times have we heard that at one time or another? Usually it’s from the mouths of angry kids trying to make sense of a situation. While I was growing up, I have to admit that that phrase has crossed my lips more than once and unfortunately, it was usually directed towards someone that I loved. But have you ever asked yourself, what if I was never born? What if I didn’t exist or  left no trace of this life that I have led? Does it even matter?

Though I cannot speak precisely to your life, while I watch “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I begin thinking of Charlie.  Charlie was an electrician with a fantastic wife, two kids that were so cute you could eat them with a spoon, and a loving network of friends an family. And he was happy. But not for any particular reason. He just decided to enjoy the life and the blessings that he was given; to take life in stride, help out when he could, and just do the best he could. Charlie was just an average guy living an average life.

Then one day, it all changed. That day came last month. While out hunting for the day with his family, a gun went off. And in a flash of a second, Charlie was gone and his family members stood over him and wondered, “How could this accident happen?” Charlie no longer had a fantastic wife, two kids that are so cute you could eat them with a spoon, or a loving network of friends and family. And they no longer had him.

When people lined up for his wake, they waited a long time. The line was so long that the line outside was wrapped around the building twice for four hours straight. People waited to pay their respects to a guy who they knew who was just a good guy. A family man who seemed to have touched the life of every single person who wanted in that line in one way or another. An average guy who had just decided to really live and love life. An average guy that a lot of people would miss.

So when things get rough and you’re not sure whether or not the little things even matter to the people in your life, please remember an average guy named Charlie and that everything you do and say has meaning and effects many others. And remember that if anything, I’m glad you’re around.

Merry Christmas everyone!


janae Ja-Nae

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