I know many of you are looking for that luxury lifestyle and hoping that you can design that lifestyle you’ve always wanted and finally work a “Four Hour Workweek.”  But at what cost?

Perhaps it is the new year talking, but I have been on a total “balance” kick lately.  While I value energy, happiness, and positivity, I also believe in a balance in temperaments, in the way of the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang.  This informative article explains that “the yin, the yang, and the harmonious temperaments produce the collective, the individualistic, and the harmonious society, respectively.”  Makes sense huh?  I mean, if you spend all of your time taking care of others, you leave no time for yourself and therefore fail to achieve harmony (and vice versa).  Failure to achieve balance within yourself might also give forth the wrong idea about who you are.  For example, when I meet someone who is overly-energetic or overly-aggressive, it turns out that 9 times out of 10 that person is extremely insecure.  Overcompensation in either yin (collective) or yang (individualistic) sides of yourself yields an unnatural sense of being, both inside and out.  Suite101.com had a great article on Balancing Your Life offers a short tutorial on balancing yin and yang in your life.

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