A few weeks ago, I received this lovely message from Mary Jane Shaver: 

 inspiring words

I responded that I wanted some time to think about my answer, so that it would be thoughtful and something that Mary Jane could use. But of course, the more I thought about what inspires me, the less inspired I became. I spent more time over the past few weeks worrying about how to describe it to someone, that I forgot how to actually live it.

So, Mary Jane & company, instead of telling you what inspires me, let me show you:

My crazy family. 😉


Allowing myself to be goofy.

Going on long walks in the woods with my exploration companion, Paul.


Exploring new places.


Finding an awesome spot to write and people watch.

Singing (photo credit: Ann Handley)



Exploring how others are changing the world around us.

Highlighting the good that is out in the world.

Teaching others what I have learned.

Having someone who is supportive of who you are and the fact that you are just looking to make a positive change in this world.

Inspiration isn’t a process. Inspiration is passion. It is a spark that comes when you are doing what you love and spending time with those who bring joy to your life. The more time you spend living life on your terms and letting go of the stress and anxiety that can plague you, the more inspiration will come your way.

I hope that helps. I would love to hear what inspiration is to all of you. Feel free to comment below.

Love you all,



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One Response

  1. Mary Jane Shaver

    Thank you so much for your beautiful response. I am one who tends to over think things. I do believe you are correct; living life on your own terms is definitely the way to bring happiness, abundance and inspiration into your life. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. You have helped me immensely and you continue to inspire me daily.

    Eternally grateful,

    Mary Jane Shaver


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