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I shared a late dinner with my friend Janice recently.  Janice is mostly successful pursuing her own projects, but often lets her pessimism impede her success.  She’s always thinks something bad will happen that will totally derail one of her projects.  Then, when something good does happen, she doesn’t believe she deserves it and waits for the other shoe to drop.

Does this sound like you?  Too often we allow negativity to get in the way of our success by feeling undeserving of that success.  We all must learn to receive and accept the good things that happen to us as the rewards of our hard work.  If you do not know how to receive, you may never get what you want.  Here’s how you can be more receptive.

1.       Notice Your Work. Success more often comes from working smart rather than working hard.  But since most people believe that success is they payoff of hard work, they do not feel like they deserve it if it came from smart work.  This is not true.  Always take time to think about the effort you put in and commend yourself for working smart to achieve your goals.  This will help you feel more deserving when success finally arrives.

2.       Accept Obstacles. Everyone has to deal with the occasional misfire, bungled project, or all out catastrophe – it’s a part of being successful.  As much as you minimize the unexpected disasters in life, they will still happen from time to time.  Don’t dwell on these uncertainties and just accept that when they happen you have what it takes to deal with them.  For just one problem, there are an infinite number of solutions.  So instead of focusing on the problem, ask yourself “How can I solve this?”

3.       Be Thankful. Usually success depends not just on you but on those who helped you achieve your goals.  These people may be your employees, friends, or even the parents who influenced you to be who you are.  Whenever you achieve a success, take some time to personally thank all the people in your life for their help and support.  Send a thank-you e-card, have an “appreciation day,” or just start making it a habit to say thank you to one person every day.

Have you ever had a difficult time receiving the rewards for something you rightfully earned?  How did this pessimism affect your level of success?  What do you do to receive and appreciate the success you earn? We would love to hear your stories.

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  1. Murat

    My wife and I have been very blessed in our lives. We have also lived tgoruhh very tight times ( I. E., blood donations.) We have always felt the love if others. Many times, we picked up the bill for another at a resturant. Other times we paid for another’s groceries. Another time we put together a baby shower for a lady we never met who left an abusive home. Instead of money, we gave a man in the rain a sleeping bag, a coat, and accessories along with a gift card for a meal at Denny’s. When my wife ad I ran into financial issues, we were blessed by people who remained anonymous with a $500 gift card twice. We always asked why. We had a very hard time accepting. Why us? LovePay it forward It will come back when needed


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