In the life of an entrepreneur, it is often difficult to draw the lines between work and play.  We seem to forget the adventure of it all. Why we do it. Why we live. We are always “on” looking out for new leads and working to ensure our success.  There is nothing wrong with having ambition; but ambition should not eliminate the simple joys of having fun. In business and in life, fun can be infused into our daily routine. Fun is crucial to our sanity, and here I propose seven reasons why you must have fun!

Having Fun in a Snowy Times Square

  1. IN BUSINESS – The ability to have fun directly influences your capacity for creativity, innovation, and thinking outside of the box.
  2. IN BUSINESS – The impact of a personal connection via having a little fun will increase customer loyalty.  Jonathan Fields discussed this in his article, Fun Money.
  3. IN BUSINESS – Utilizing fun as a crucial component of workplace culture, for the sake of morale and productivity, is key to keeping customers and employees happy.  Melissa Dylan discussed this in her article, Defining Workplace Culture.
  4. IN BUSINESS – You started your business because you enjoy what you do and want to do it full time.  In order to maintain the initial joy you must have a little fun with your business.  Blissfully Domestic’s Tammy Munson discussed this in her article, Have fun with your business.
  5. IN LIFE – Your body and mind needs a break sometimes. Sometimes you need to not think, plan, strategize, or move.  Watch a movie or have some downtime at least once a week.
  6. IN LIFE – You need to be a good support to others in your life, and that requires some “you” time.  Making time for things you find fun is crucial to maintaining emotional sanity.  This Livestrong article provides an excellent scaffold to defining fun and overcoming barriers to having it.
  7. IN LIFE – Having fun improves your health!  “America’s Feel Good Coach” and speaker Eva Gregory offers several legitimate reasons why having fun has excellent health benefits here.

Fun should be a way of life.  Sadly, many of us tend to lose ourselves along the way.  We place our own well-being on the back burner.  The reality is that in order to be in our finest form in business, we have to be at our finest form in life.  How do you have fun, and why do you feel like it is important to have fun?   How do you fit it into your day?  Please share with us!

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