Thanksgiving. What is it really all about? As the grocery store shelves empty and the mall lines grow with consumers trying to get a jump on their holiday shopping, I cannot help but wonder..what is the point? To me, thanksgiving is about bringing people together and acknowledging the prosperity and graciousness that life given us.

I personally have a ton to be grateful for. I have an amazing fiancé, have a great support system of friends and family, and we recently rescued an awesome dog (the dog named Paul) from a high kill shelter. I am extremely grateful that life is good.

But there are those that have not had such an easy time this year and can really use an open door and open heart. If you know someone who may be eating alone or does not have any family, consider extending an invitation to join you. Even if they decline, it is the thought, the extended courtesy that will mean the world to someone, while making you feel good.

Happy Turkey Day, Everyone. 🙂

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Image: Norman Rockwell


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