When in business, the question is: What should I outsource? Should I outsource my social media, such as Twitter and Facebook responses? What about my blog writing? Also, what is ethical?

Dave Weineke wrote a great post about Social Media Ethics and allowed me to respond with a post entitled, “Ghost Blog Writing & Social Media Ethics Are Different.”

I would love your feedback. What do you consider ethical? Would you outsource any of your social media to-do’s? Are you ok when thought leaders DO outsource? Feel free to respond below, Tweet me or Facebook me.

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  1. Ja-Nae

    Thanks again to Dave Weineke for the opportunity to share about a topic that I feel passionate about. Who else has thoughts on this?

  2. Lois

    Wow… just struggling with this issue yesterday. We ( at Avenue 3) need to blog more often for content and to drive traffic to our site ( not a new concept for any business, I realize that) and have been offered some ghost-writing assistance. Our business is about building trusting relationships just as much as it is about listing and selling real estate, so readers of our blog need to have a sense of connection to us as people behind the words and as someone they can be comfortable with in the future to spend more hours than they may want to with in the home buying process………So, I have to agree with you….for me it can only work with one of by business partners who shares my thoughts and attitudes on how to build relationships, share topics timely to perspective clients and respond openly and timely.
    I’m sending your blog along to my 3 business partners right now!

    Thank you,

  3. Shava Nerad

    So long as people present it as an ethics violation to use a desirable service, the service providers will get slammed harder than the people who use their services. The only exception I know to this in the legal/LE sphere is around people who sell drugs, where users are hit harder because they are so much easier and safer to catch.

    If you aren’t drawing a bright line, you have to see how many people delight in doing so. The current culture around social media is inclined to use a broad brush when it comes to a whole family of PR/marketing professional services. As often as not, that brush is laden with tar and feathers.

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  6. Call Centers Philippines

    I share the same opinion as Dave’s. It is common practice now for people to outsource their blogs. It is, after all, time consuming. It is ideal to come up with a topic and key points then hand it over to the person who will create the entry. Certainly though, that person should be someone you trust will come up with an article which you will be satisfied with.

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  8. Derek S.

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  9. Markd

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