data journalismBig Data. What it is exactly? It is a general term used to describe the enormous amount of unstructured  data that companies create on a daily basis.  If you think of your own daily internet usage, then you can begin to image how much a company can generate.

With “Big Data” and the need to report on it on the rise, this weeks Game Changer is Data Journalism. Data Journalism stems from the growing realization that there is a lot of value in finding patterns in news-related information. Recently, we saw the launch of an ebook that explores the field, entitled: The Data Journalism Handbook. Check out my Pulse Network segment on data journalism and its importance.

the game changer

So, do you want to be a Data Journalist? Here is a flowchart from the handbook to get you started:


What are your thoughts on data journalism? How do you think it’s changing the game? We would love to hear from you.

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