Game Changer, homeless hotspots, caused controversy at SXSW this year. Check out my Pulse Network segment on the topic:

Despite what you think about the project, it has opened up the question of, “now what?” Here are 3 projects and next steps to consider:

Street Treat: Though overshadowed by the SXSW Homeless Hotspot story, Street Treat is plugging away as an alternative to giving a homeless person the opportunity to make money by selling iced cream. Mark Horvath just wrote a great article on the program. Check it out.

Partner for Employment: Many individuals who are homeless want to work. Some have the skills you’re looking for and some may not. Either way, they are just lacking the opportunity. Have your company partner with your local homeless shelter to create that opportunity and a training program.

Community Gardens: Community Gardens are a fantastic communal focal point and an effective crime prevention strategy. Why not employee the homeless to help tend the garden and run a farm stand? This is a great way to pay someone, feed them, and make your neighborhood safer.

What ways do you think we could employee the homeless? Do you know anyone who is working on something similar now? We would love to hear from you.

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