In my recent blog post, “How to Live: Lessons from the Jedi Masters” I discussed the need to find a balance between living in the moment while planning for the future.  Achieving that balance is central to achieving happiness; but sometimes, our own habits prevent us from taking that leap to get to great opportunity.  This is true for any entrepreneur, but even more so for any parent who is also an entrepreneur.  Being in charge of a home based business – and at the helm of a family – means that you must always anticipate future outcomes while handling the tasks of today.

That being said, I propose the following three steps to achieving happiness. This is a more scaffolded approach to a simple recommendation!

1. Let go and say yes: For one day this week, say yes to any opportunity that comes your way. Life has a tendency to present what we need and want in a way that we may not understand immediately. By saying yes, you can allow yourself to overcome any fear or anxiety that may be preventing you from getting in the game.   This article regarding improvisational acting has a great take on the benefits of saying yes. A word of advice in undergoing this exercise: Let go of results tied that are tied to specific people, places, and things.  As entrepreneurs, our results oriented logic tends to keep us from entering into an activity if its benefits are not obvious!

2.  Always ask yourself “What if?”: I do not mean ponder “What if?” in the past tense.  I apply “What if?” to the future.  Assessing the possibilities of the future allows us to live in wonder and amazement, which benefits the brain’s capacity to find creative solutions to sticky situations.  Now I know that we have a tendency to try and predict the outcome of situations before they happen, but pondering the “What if?” increases the range of outcomes in a positive way.  Life is just a little bit more exciting when there is infinite possibility ahead!

3. Be grateful: We have a tendency to lose sight of the good things that happen to us on a daily basis, as well as the great people in our lives. Make it a habit to list out 10 things you’re grateful for at least three times a day.  You can even share the things you are grateful for with a friend or loved one.  Check out this article on the power of gratitude.

What are your recommendations for achieving happiness?  What am I missing?  Please post comments below!!

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  1. Ja-Naé Duane

    Whenever I feel myself losing perspective, I start running through my list of people and things I am grateful for. It totally turns my attitude around.

    What do you do?


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