Are you an entrepreneur? Small Business Owner? Artist or Freelancer? What about a mom entrepreneur? If you are reading my blog, chances are that you fully understand why you are – or would like to be – a self-employed entrepreneur.  I offer a list of my motivations in my book, How to Start Your Business with $100.  All entrepreneurs can agree on at least a few things:  We went into business for ourselves because we enjoy what we do, we believe in what we do, and we want to have a bit more control over our work schedule and professional habits.

What some entrepreneurs may not realize is that there are inherent health benefits for the self-employed.  I offer a list of four benefits, but want to build this list with your help!

  • Working for yourself reduces stress: By having more control over the clients and workload you assume, you can control your own workload, instead of having some pesky manager stack piles and piles of work on your desk as you watch in horror. offers a great list of resources to help cope with stress in the workplace; as a self-employed individual you have control over your own time and can build these tips into your day.
  • Working for yourself makes it easier to build exercise into your day: With control over your own schedule, you can make trips to the gym during non-peak times (Note: many gyms offer cheaper rates if you commit to going during typical business hours. You can avoid the crowds while saving money!)
  • Working for yourself means you can manage your sleep schedule according to your needs: Not all people are morning people.   As a self employed entrepreneur, you can set your own hours to adhere to your own biological clock.  If you are one of those people who has their highest productivity in the afternoon, start your day at 10 and work until 6.
  • Working for yourself allows you more flexibility to eat right: If you are working in a home office, it is much easier to have access to fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.  Additionally, the absence of vending machines is an added bonus.

These are the health benefits that I can think of, but I need your help!   How has self-employment improved your lifestyle?  How do you build healthy habits into your day?  Any success stories out there?

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  1. Marty W.

    Ja-nae, I love being an entrepreneur. I wake up when I want, I work with I want, and I am my own boss. I have been doing this for 20 years and would not change a second of it.

    I like the new blog btw.

  2. entrepreneurs

    i really adore your own writing style, very helpful.
    don’t give up and keep posting for the reason that it just simply that is worth to read it,
    looking forward to reading much more of your current web content, thanks 😉


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