Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how I spend my time. Mainly because I find myself spending time on things that I don’t care to do or that just don’t matter to me. So, I know that it is time for a reboot of priorities.

I am a person who needs multiple things going on at once. Otherwise, I cannot concentration. I constantly crave the need to build something new or create a new work. I guess you can say that it is pretty apparent that I am a creative entrepreneur.

But, what about you? Are you doing what you love each day or are you playing the waiting game. Waiting….

  • For the phone to ring
  • Someone to like your Facebook status
  • For that opportunity to arise
  • For someone to give you permission to begin
  • For a sign. Any sign.

Chances are, if you’re waiting, then you will continue to do just that. But, what if you could begin? What if you could take at least a step a day towards living a life where time stops (or flies) and nothing seems like work? Where all you do is play and enjoy what you’re doing? If you could begin today with one little step, would you?

In honor of National Take Back Your Time day, here is your real to do list:


Keep me posted on your progress. 🙂

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