I just got back from a fantastic trip to Kauai for my sister’s wedding. I’m never one to take a vacation to a tropical destination, so this was a huge new experience for me. Here are some of the highlights of the trip, including:


No worries. We promise that we didn’t cause any trouble with the TSA officials. At least none that we can speak of. 😉


A beautiful beach where I learned how to scuba. I wasn’t really keen on my instructor at first. She wanted us to get used to breathing under water through our equipment. Though I could do it for a little bit, it was extremely hard to breathe. I tried it several times before I told her I was having issues. Come to find out, she forgot to turn my tank on. However, everyone was incredibly impressed with my lung capacity. It’s awesome to be an opera singer.


These are the Wailua Falls that were featured in the beginning of Fantasy Island. All I had running through my head was, “The plane boss, the plane.” It never got old.


Each beach looked like this. This was the beach where we had our surf lesson. Surfing was an interesting experience and one that I didn’t expect to learn so much from. Here are some of the life lessons I learned while surfing:

1. Incoming Waves: In order to swim out to where you can catch your perfect wave, you have to get passed some incoming waves. Now, you can either fight the wave and potentially be pushed back by its forth or you can ride the wave; allow yourself to swim onto the wave while slowly moving forward. It may have broken your stride, but at least you’re still moving forward.

2. One with the Sea: The waves are just an aspect of the sea.  If you’re in the sea, then you too are a part of it. You cannot overcome the sea, no matter how hard you try, but particularly if you think you are separate from it. However, if you are one with it; respect it and move with it, you will reach your goal and with much less struggle.

3. Be Flexible: When trying to surf, if you are too rigid, then you will lose your balance and fall. However, if you are flexible and move with the water then you will catch a wave. When you let go and move with the water, you are able to truly surf. And really how is that different from life? When we learn to let go, that is when we truly get to experience the amazing places life takes us.

Want to come surfing with me next time? If so, be ready to watch the sunset. Much like this one.


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