beer appsSummertime can only mean one thing for me, sitting with family and friends in the wonderful weather sipping on a beer.  After several lively discussions about our favorite beers, my family deciding to start a little competition: to see who makes the best beer.

Of course, this is all in fun.

My favorite beer is St. Bernardus, a Belgian classic, while my dad can’t get enough of stouts.

During the course of this “competition”, I have discovered a few great apps that are centered around beer, and allow my family and me to learn about what we’re drinking.  Here are my top five favorite beer apps:

  1. iBrewMaster — As an artist, I love to create, and brewing my own beer allows me to indulge in the tasty side of creativity.  This app makes home brewing easy for a novice like me.  It comes with 50 pre-installed recipes and instructions to ensure you don’t make any mistakes along the way and end up with the perfect beer at the end.
  2. onTap Beer App — After I drink a particularly tasty beer I’ll often want to make sure to write it down so that I can return to it again and again.  This iPhone app makes recording beers super easy.  it lets beer drinkers take pictures of their beers, rate their finds, and leave tasting notes.  You can also share your findings via Facebook and Twitter.
  3. BarTab Keeper — At the end of a fun night, the last surprise I want is a bar tab that is way above what I wanted to spend.  That’s why this app is so great.  It lets me keep track of the drinks I’ve purchased, and will also set an alarm for me to remind me to pay before leaving the bar.  Nobody likes to wake up in the morning to find a missing credit card and huge bar bill.
  4. DrinkFit — Summer time often has conflicting goals: drink a lot of beer and wear swimsuits.  That’s why I love this app, which lets me search for the nutritional info for different beers, cocktails, hard liquor, mixers, wine, and so much more.  It also lets me enter how much I’m consuming in a sitting so I can see when I’ve passed the point of a few drinks into dangerous carb consumption territory.
  5. Findmytap — As I mentioned above, I’m a Belgian beer lover.  Which is why I like to know that where I’m going has some of my favorites on tap.  This app allows me to find my favorite beer no matter where I am.

What are some of your favorite beer apps? Any that you cannot live without? We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thursday Bram

    I actually use Twitter a lot as a beer app. My favorite beer dispensary, Victoria Gastro Pub, has a very active Twitter presence, great for luring me in to try something new.

    • Ja-Naé Duane

      Thursday, that is a great idea. I do that in some vain as well.

      Victoria, huh? Will have to try it.


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