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The Secret to Attracting Opera Audiences


In 1994, punk/pop band Green Day took the stage in front of 100,000 fans packed into Boston’s Hatch Shell. The performance took on a life of its own, exciting the crowd. Very quickly, things got out of hand. Organizers shut the show down, and a riot ensued. the police cracked down, shipping people to jail or to the hospital. Now rewind 133 years to 1861 and the premiere of Richard Wagner’s opera, Tannhauser, at the Jockey Club in Paris. Because of Wagner’s non-conformist timing of the ballet segment, audience members shouted and blew whistles over the performance. It’s clear we take our music seriously, even when it involves an orchestra. And it’s past time we put to rest the notion that opera is somehow an elitist indulgence only enjoyed by the few. With opera poised at the edge of a cultural renaissance, those of us who already know and love opera need to share what we know: Opera is the ultimate art form. And we need to start owning that if we are going to begin attracting new opera audiences. Opera: The Ultimate Art Form Once a part of popular culture, opera easily fit into everyday life with the 19th […]

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The Power of #CreateLove

create love

It’s pretty easy to be nice, isn’t it? There are those simple moments when you do something small and think nothing of it until you realize you unexpectedly made someone’s day. Then not only do they feel good, but you did as well. Also, what about those moments when you are walking down the street and catch a glimpse of a person doing something for their community? Maybe they are picking up a piece of trash, helping someone push their car out of a snow bank, or even a little boy helping an elderly woman cross the street. Though you may have had nothing to do with it, I will bet you still felt good witnessing it. Sounds Cliché right? But it is those small moments of love that have a lasting effect. Love for ourselves. Love for our community. Love for one another. So, how do we create more love? In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2014, I want you to #CreateLove. Take photos of people spreading love and appreciate for one another and their communities. Post those photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag: #CreateLove. My team at the Revolution Institute and I will then take your photos […]

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The Bending Willow


It has been a year of change. But not just commonplace changes in ones life. An actual paradigm shift. You feel it, don’t you? We are all feeling it; the ground unsteady beneath our feet, as if walking on the wobbly planks of an old house. Unsure of where to step or which direction to take. When life gets to be too heavy, I let it go. When the structure that has held me up time after time begins to falter,  I believe in treading lightly and like the willow tree, to bend. So that I too, do not break. Though scary, what if these shifts were a good thing? Small reminders to find the road that you really want to travel down and decide who you really want your companions to be. Many live day-to-day, waiting for the weekend, or a break, or a change. But what if those signs of change are ever present and surrounding you; flashing their neon sign, just waiting for YOU to shift? You can go on and be OK with these creaky planks you walk on or you can bend; and become the solid path in which future generations can walk and follow. I encourage you to shift […]

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My Life is: The Roadtrip and Dancing on the Edge

the roadtrip janae

We each need to decide what actually makes us happy and then find ways to fill our lives with it, as if the need was so great that it pulsed through our veins. I’m not sure what makes you happy, but creating and helping others to create something great drives me to get out of bed on the those when its a struggle. There are so many people trying to change the world and their voices deserve a little megaphone to help spread their good news. And I am happy to hold it up for them. That’s a large part of what this Agents of Change roadtrip is about. But it’s more than that. I find when I head on the road, I am more alive, more vulnerable, more open to the magic that life has to bring. Here is a little video about why this tour is so important to me.  Amazing things happen when I allow myself to dance on the edge during these roadtrips: I meet amazing people who end up being a part of my inner circle I find strength and courage within myself during times when I thought I had nothing left. I meet people […]

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Rainy Day Project

And if you can kiss someone in the rain, make a wish.

Today was the first day in about a month were I had a moment to breathe. Of course, it was pouring out. Though I love rainy days, I know that many people don’t. So, I figured I would ask what people like to do on days like this. Here’s what they had to say: Inspired by these awesome responses, I created this Rainy Day Photo Project.  Here are some of my favorite things to do: How about you? What do you do on a rainy day? Send me your notes, pictures and thoughts. I’ll update this post with them. xoxoxo Related Posts The Traveler: Wine Libraries, Secret Gems, and the London Reboot The Traveler: Underground Detroit and the Rebuilding of a City

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How to Spark Inspiration: A Valentine’s Day Special


A few weeks ago, I received this lovely message from Mary Jane Shaver:    I responded that I wanted some time to think about my answer, so that it would be thoughtful and something that Mary Jane could use. But of course, the more I thought about what inspires me, the less inspired I became. I spent more time over the past few weeks worrying about how to describe it to someone, that I forgot how to actually live it. So, Mary Jane & company, instead of telling you what inspires me, let me show you: Singing (photo credit: Ann Handley)   Inspiration isn’t a process. Inspiration is passion. It is a spark that comes when you are doing what you love and spending time with those who bring joy to your life. The more time you spend living life on your terms and letting go of the stress and anxiety that can plague you, the more inspiration will come your way. I hope that helps. I would love to hear what inspiration is to all of you. Feel free to comment below. Love you all, Ja-Nae   Related Posts The Power of Determination: Lessons a Mouse Can Teach Famous Quotes: […]

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Seeing is Believing. Or Is it?

to see is to believe

We believe what we see, correct? But what if we cannot see it? Does that mean that it doesn’t exist? A snail has an extremely slow nervous system. So, when a human quickly walks by then that snail does not have time to process the human, thus making it invisible to the snail. Here is another example from when Christopher Columbus landed: Waves were crashing against a shore. A local shaman went to the water’s edge day after day and could see ripples in the water made by the ships but not the ships themselves. He was troubled by this and after days of staring, finally saw the ships (maybe because it was the morning they arrived). Of course, no one else in the tribe could “see” the ships until he did. We can only see what we have been conditioned to believe. Our senses are created and conditioned from the brain, thus coming to every situation with a bias. So, just because you cannot see, taste, smell, hear or touch something does not mean that it does not exist. And let’s be honest. Unless you knew what you are looking for, how would you know when you have found it? How many times […]

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Opportunity for Boston’s Creative Class!


Hey Everyone! I am psyched and overwhelmed by the response that we have received about the Agents of Change Tour beginning this March. I appreciate all the emails, calls, and suggestion as to what is going on in your city and the creative souls who are truly making it happen. This is going to be epic! We are putting a call out to all of Boston’s creative class to join us on February, 2nd to be in our Kickstarter video. We are looking for: Musicians Dancers (including Burlesque Dancers) Visual artists Yoga instructors Jugglers Makers Ribbon artists  ……and anyone else who we showcase! For everyone who participates, we will interview you and highlight you on: The Kickstarter Page Our Website (Coming Soon) Selected stories will be featured on my site and within the upcoming book If interested, email us who you are, what you do, and a URL where we can get to know you better. To make it easy, just email through the contact page. Other Housekeeping Items 1. We are rounding out our dates and the cities we’re headed to. Where should be go? Who are some of the key people we should interview. Comment below and let us […]

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A Habit And 7 Great Apps to Keep You On Track

a habit

Everyone views life a little differently. Some take it day-by-day, happy to make it through to see another. Some like to live the roller coaster.  They thrive on (whether they realize it or not) the rush of adrenaline that comes with those high points, as much as they thrive in wallowing when it all comes tumbling down. Just the way a child will gleefully continue to build onto his LEGO tower, though he knows it won’t be able to last, and then sit there crying when it actually does. We all approach this journey differently. I used to be that kid. Constantly pushing and pushing to see when something would break. Why? I wanted to know if limits exisited. I wanted to know my own capabilities, good, bad or indifferent. And afterwards, I just couldn’t put my finger on why I had to start over or why relationships were ruined or why I had the hardship that I had. I didn’t know that it was a habit that I created for myself. Humans are creatures of habit. Our bodies and minds want us to be stuck in a comfortable routine of homeostasis. Subconsciously, your inner self is thinking only about survival and […]

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The Agents of Change Tour Announcement and How to Be in My Next Book

agents of change

Adventure, baby! Bring it on! As many of you know, our last tour was life altering for me. It resulted in: 1. Meeting some amazing people who have become great friends. 2. The creation of the Our Revolution, a social good community. Which I am happy to say is a few thousand strong, as well as the How to Create a Revolution book (a guide to creating social change). 3. A chance meeting with a guy who reviewed my first book, How to Start Your Business with $100, that ended in a marriage proposal. Yeah, this awesome: And trust me, I could not have done that past tour without you guys. You are my backbone and the reason why I do these things. You show me that it is needed (and wanted). I cannot tell you what that means to me. So, I am excited to announce that we headed on the road again and embarking on The Agents of Change Tour! About the Tour Mission: To restore creativity to the soul of the world! The Agents of Change tour is a year-long tour exploring the impact of creativity and collaboration on local communities, artists, and entrepreneurs. The tour nurtures […]

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